Wednesday, September 24, 2014


I know.....where have I been????  The answer is.......crocheting my brains out!!  Not only is my daytime filled with Salon work...but it seems my night time is filled with Crochet work!!  That's right.....I was invited, again, to be a challenger in the Battle of the Stitches!!!  I am so very honored and nervous to be involved with this great competition!!!
As of today.....the judging and voting has I can share with you all the final designs that have been entered!!!  Here they are!!!

If you want complete details on who is in this rounds battle, go to the Battle of the Stitches webpage by clicking here.

It is still top secret who made on October 1st....we will see!!!
Have a favorite design????  Well.......go VOTE!!!  Click here to submit your vote!!

Good Luck to all the other Challengers!!!